Evolution of the Work-From-Home-Office (WFHO)

The Landscape on how we work, socialize and interact with fellow species is changing rapidly and with the current Covid19 pandemic this has pushed the whole concept forward with no less than an estimated time of 5 years. I call this the “evolutionary -curve”. The “Evolutionary-Curve” can be explained in short as the ability of […]

Save on your Office Supplies – Practical Tips By a Stationery Expert

It has a very interesting method of calculating the saving and the end result is SIMPLE and EASY to understand. Let me explain by Illustration. Let’s take Susan she is employed as a receptionist and earns a salary of R 12 000.00/month or R64,10/hour if she works 195 hours / month. She is also responsible for […]

Mondi named as a ‘Top Performer’ for sustainability

Mondi named as a ‘Top Performer’ for sustainability reporting by World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBSCD) Mondi Group’s Sustainable Development Report ranks in the top ten globally according to WBCSD The WBCSD analysed Mondi’s 2018 Sustainable Development Report as part of Reporting Matters, a worldwide analysis of 159 corporate sustainability reports designed to drive effectiveness […]

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