Mondi named as a ‘Top Performer’ for sustainability

Mondi named as a ‘Top Performer’ for sustainability reporting by World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBSCD)

Mondi Group’s Sustainable Development Report ranks in the top ten globally according to WBCSD

The WBCSD analysed Mondi’s 2018 Sustainable Development Report as part of Reporting Matters, a worldwide analysis of 159 corporate sustainability reports designed to drive effectiveness of sustainability reporting. Mondi was recognised for being among the top ten of reports globally.

Mondi’s Sustainable Development Report received praise for its audience-led approach to reporting and tailoring content for different audiences. The Mondi report is highlighted as a category leader for its ‘Accessibility’, including praise for its complementary web content, the interactive online version of the report, as well as producing an Integrated Report primarily targeted for shareholders. The WBCSD further recognised Mondi for being one of the strongest examples of disclosure on sustainability governance and transparency in its communication of sustainability topics and decisions made by the Board.

Sustainability is embedded in everything we do at Mondi and we see accurate sustainability reporting as vital to this.  We are delighted that our report has been recognised for its best-in-class approach by the WBCSD and we will continue to strive for outstanding reporting.

Gladys Naylor, Group Head of Sustainable Development

Ashleigh Gay, Director of Sustainability at Radley Yeldar, said: “We’ve worked with the team at Mondi for many years on their sustainability and integrated reporting. They consistently strive to communicate Mondi’s financial and non-financial performance in a credible and compelling way. Ultimately, the award-winning reporting suite continues to be a model for striking a balance between the needs of specialist and generalist audiences.”  

Mondi has had a Sustainable Development Committee in place since 2007 and supports the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). It includes an SDG index in its 2018 Sustainable Development Report highlighting the actions it has taken to support each of the individual goals. The Group identifies the six SDGs where it can have the greatest potential impact:  life on land; climate action; responsible consumption and production; industry, innovation and infrastructure; decent work and economic growth; as well as affordable and clean energy.

Andy Beanland, Director, Redefining Value, World Business Council for Sustainable Development said: “We have reviewed Mondi’s sustainability report every year since we started Reporting matters in 2013. During that time, they have made significant improvements across all 18 of our indicators and continue to be an example of good reporting practice within the WBCSD membership. We will look forward to seeing how their report develops in 2020!”

Inclusion in the WBCSD’s top ten comes in addition to recognition for Mondi’s sustainability performance by a number of external corporate indices and ratings including: FTSE4Good; UN Global Compact; FTSE/JSE Responsible Investment Index; and CDP as well as the new Tortoise Responsibility 100 Index among others. Mondi was also recognised this year in the Corporate and Financial Awards 2019 with Gold for ‘Best printed report’ and silver for ‘Best ESG report’.

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