Evolution of the Work-From-Home-Office (WFHO)

The Landscape on how we work, socialize and interact with fellow species is changing rapidly and with the current Covid19 pandemic this has pushed the whole concept forward with no less than an estimated time of 5 years. I call this the “evolutionary -curve”.

The “Evolutionary-Curve” can be explained in short as the ability of the human race to rapidly adapt to a fast changing environment in a short space of time. Although evolution takes place over a prolonged period of time this is not the case for WFHO, hence the second word “curve”.

The “evolutionary-curve” is the adaptations of Homo-sapiens to a changing environment over a specific time, it is a natural process in which humans adapt for the pure will to survive. This happens when a significant change in the landscape has occurred as what is the case with the current Covid19 pandemic.

The question begs, was this evolution of the “work-from-home” inevitable from the start? Was this destined to happen over time? These questions were bound to surface and my response to this lies in the term “evolutionary curve” itself.

Over the past decade or so there has been a real push from Homo-sapiens, to interact on a more social and personal level; we are social animals by nature after-all. More mothers wanted to spend time at home with their children especially as the need for quality education grew.

Challenges in the form of home-work-home commute and the time spend on travelling to and from a conventional office setup has become old school and just outdated. Not to mention the amount of cortisol this releases in the blood of the conventional travelers.

The modern family wants to spend less time at the office and on traveling and more time at home with family. A real example of this is the ever growing popularity of weekend social events in the form of Park-Runs and other organized family-friendly events like running, cycling etc.

Working from home is not a new concept and people have been working from home for decades, but it just seems like we are on the doorstep of a new dawn for work-from-home-offices. With the rapid evolution of technology, WFHO’s is becoming more and more of an option and my opinion is that more and more people will follow this curve.

Time will tell what this WFHO evolution will have on the huge Concrete Jungle in the heart of Sandton, one thing is for sure and that is that the human race will evolve and adapt for its pure survival and as the one Evolutionary Curve flattens out the next Curve of adaptation will start.

Wherever you find yourself in this “Evolutionary Curve” remember to change the things you have control over and learn to adapt to those over which you no control, do so with a spirited heart and a positive approach.

Final thought – “events don’t define us, how we respond does”.

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